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Before you accept a foster placement, there are SO many questions you may have rolling around in your head. Here are 14 of the questions my agency (or friends) suggested I ask prior to placement.

Biological/ Previous Family Questions

  1. What can you tell me about biological family involvement?
    • You will want to know this so you have a general idea of how much visitation time the child might need
    • This will also help you to get a sense of the attachment between the child and biological family
  2. Are there any cultural or religious factors I should know about?
    • Along with this, a good follow up is finding out if there are any dietary restrictions
  3. If you have pets or other children in the home, find out if there are any known safety concerns around animals or other children.
  4. What information can you give me about why the child was placed in foster care?
    • Keeping in mind that the placement worker may have literally just received the information about the case and may not have much other information, you may need to push a little for more information.
    • Depending on what information you are given, you may be able to anticipate some referrals (i.e. therapist or medical specialist) that may be needed.
  5. If the child was in a previous home, ask if you can speak with the previous foster parents! Also find out why the child is needing a new placement.
  6. What is the expected permanency plan? Is the current plan reunification or have parental rights already been terminated?

Medical/ Behavioral Concerns

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  1. Are there any current diagnoses or medication routines? Are there any known allergies?
  2. What outside supports (therapies, mentorship programs, medical services…etc.) are already in place? Will these supports continue after the current placement is terminated?
  3. What medical, learning or social/emotional needs does the child have?
  4. Depending on the age of the child- is there any known drug use for the child?
  5. Is the child involved in any prosocial activities, and if so, how will the county (or agency) help maintain those activities after placement?

School-aged Foster Placements

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  1. What school do they currently attend and will they need to change schools if they are placed with me?
  2. Who will be responsible for transportation? Many agencies and school districts have funds available for foster families who are responsible for the transportation to and from school
  3. Does the child receive special education services?

Obviously, every child and every family is different. It may be helpful to consider your family’s ”must know” or things that you are absolutely against prior to your first placement call. This may help guide some of the questions you want to make sure and ask.

Ultimately, everyone is wanting the placement to be as successful as possible, so asking some of these important questions upfront can help reduce problems down the road.

There are so many questions to ask during a placement call- I’m sure I missed a few! What questions do you think I missed? For current foster families, what questions do you always make sure to ask?

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