This page links to recipes that are good for all kids, but especially helpful for families with foster children who may have special dietary restrictions. These recipes also take into account various cultures that kids may be bringing with them into the foster home.

Chayotes Maria

Chayote is a squash grown across southern Mexico and Central America. It is a great lower carb alternative to potatoes. The chayote in this chayotes Maria dish really allows the sauce and spices to shine through. What is chayote? Chayote is a variety of squash. It is green on the outside and a greenish-white on…

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3 sauces in glasses

Accepting foster placements from different countries means learning a lot about different foods. I recently learned about a Mexican chimichurri that is specifically for pizza. Below is a recipe for this chimichurri that will change your pizza eating experience. What is Mexican Chimichurri? Mexican chimichurri is a sauce that is typically used for pizza. It…

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Low carb spicy chicken patties

Fast food sandwiches are a young kid’s dream. This recipe for low carb spicy chicken patties combines the nostalgia of younger days with a healthy twist. What Type of Meat to Use Although you can use basically any meat for patties or burgers, chicken seems to be the most widely used and versatile meat. Chicken…

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